Our new EuroStage Mobile Stages are perfect for your small to midsized events.  EuroStage mobile stages can cost as little as $500 per day on a multiday rental (plus travel/labor).  Three different sizes to choose from:

ES-1612 (218 sq/ft)
Perfect for small events like ribbon cuttings, political, business, corporate, and small bands.

RATE: As low as $500 (multi-day rate)

ES-2016 (326 sq/ft)
For larger events and a larger number of people on stage.  You can easily have a 4-5 piece band this stage.

RATE: As low as $750 (multi-day rate)

ES-2620 (518 sq/ft)
The 26' x 20' stage is a standard for many regional and national touring bands.  You can easily have a professional 5-6 piece band on this stage.

RATE: As low as $1,000 (multi-day rate)

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2 Stages