1. APEX 2016

One of our most popular rental stages!  Fully hydraulic and sets up in under 1 hour.  Perfect for smaller local and regional events, fairs, concerts, festivals, and more.

RATE: $1,500

Size: 20' x 16'
Sq/Ft: 320

2. APEX 2420

The standard for nearly 10 years.  The 24' x 20' stage is the standard rental stage for small and mid-sized event.  Perfect for any event including some national acts.

RATE: $2,500

Size: 24' x 20'
Sq/Ft: 480

3. APEX 3224

Perfect for the mid-sized and larger events.  These stages work for local, regional, and national acts.  Also perfect for multi-day festivals where several bands are setup on stage at once.

RATE: $3,500

Size: 32' x 24'
Sq/Ft: 768

4. APEX 4240

This is a concert and festival standard that you see at all of the national festivals with A-List artist performing on.  This stage can handle all of the sound, lighting, and video rigging for any event.

RATE: $10,000

Size: 42' x 40'
Sq/Ft: 1680